The color collocation of bedroom furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

contemporary and contracted furniture to decorate, the colour collocation of bedroom furniture. Bedroom furniture type is various, from the functional points, with a sofa, bed, table and chair, etc. From the style classification, usually have a piece of furniture, folding furniture, modular furniture, multifunctional furniture, etc. Bedroom how to match the actually, everyone has their own aesthetic standards, the answer is not consistent, below, from the aspects of color, small make up related Suggestions are given.

the color of furniture: the color of the furniture in the room is tonal of status is very important, for inside the bedroom adornment effect plays a decisive role, therefore cannot be ignored. Furniture colour generally should not only conform to the personal interests, more attention should be paid to and the size of the room, combining indoor light and shade, and coordinated with the colour of wall, ground, but it can't be too close, otherwise no foil each other, also does not produce good results. For smaller, poor light in the room, unfavorable choose too cold tonal; Large room, chaoyang, can have more choice. In addition, should take into account the different area of different function room had a different colour, and the effect of different.

such as light color furniture ( Including light grey, shallow cream-colored, shallow brown, etc. ) Can make the room quiet, elegant, beautiful atmosphere, and can enlarge the space, make the room bright bright; The medium brunet furniture ( Including the yellow, orange, etc. ) Color is more bright-coloured, can make the room appear lively and lively.

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