The classification of the recreational chair the cafe furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-02

the cafe has many recreational chair is used in furniture, leisure chairs can be divided into several categories? There are all kinds of recreational chair actually, but general can be divided: deck chair, rocking chair, cane chair, armchair, folding chairs, massage chairs, swivel chair.

deck chair design abroad, from the ancient wooden frame structure of the leather and stainless steel, up to now more representative, was the chair that in didn't begin in national development, in the late qing dynasty, began to slowly into the common people, on the couch couch has many nicknames, warm bed chair, chair, leisure chair, spring chair, recliner, materials used in the various modern deck chair. Due to the deck chair can easily make people relaxed, is in a state of sleeping for the whole body relax and rest. So they are widely used in the in the mind consulting room, office lunch break room, outdoor recreation, etc. Rocking chair rocking chair is a rocking chair, it appeared in the 18th century, before this, no one has thought of furniture for adults invention that is available for relaxation. A movie called 'the rocking chair Crac! , there is a saying: it fell in the woods, as the farmer's house in the rocking chair, sway decades, witness the farmer's wedding, witness every warm day, becomes the child's childhood good partners. However as the years went by, he gradually aging or difficult to escape the fate of the was thrown out of the house. Cane cane made all kinds of thick cane chair frame body, with cany skin rattan core cane seizing frame made of all kinds of chair, stool round-backed armchair, cane, cane vines fauteuil, etc. Cane is breathable and elastic, had better choose to have the chair back of a chair, and put on a put aside footrest, let his legs can lie flat, prevent the lower limb ischemia. Armchair back chair armrest collectively, besides round-backed armchair, number one, the rest were called armchairs. Its style and decoration simple and complex, often cooperate complete sets and tea table, four chairs 2 a few on the sides of the hall/symmetric on display. The most important and most useful in the study of the furniture is a chair, a comfortable armchairs will make your study and life become more comfortable. Folding folding chairs can be said to be a deck chair, but also to distinguish and deck chair, it is suitable for swimming pool, garden and other outdoor place. Swivel chair swivel chair in general is divided into half swivel chair and swivel chair all two kinds. Half swivel chair is able to positive about each 90 - degree rotation. The swivel chair refers to the chair to be able to rotate 360 degrees. Now a lot of office chair also changed to swivel chair, because it won't let a person too stiff, well-known swivel chair recreational chair is: the egg chair, swan chair.
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