The classification of the leather sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-16

the current domestic leather sofa is roughly divided into full leather sofa, leather sofa, breathable leather sofa. And the quality of the leather is different, has the following kinds roughly, you when to buy leather sofa can be reference:

this dye penetration carpel ( Wool stoma visible to the naked eye) This is the highest of the current domestic imported leather leather leather. Which are found in the frigid zone of European countries, so leather organization is exquisite, tough, not easy to crack, feel good. This dye through carpel (secondary Wool stoma visible to the naked eye) This leather is second only to the dye through carpel, origin and the dye through carpel manufacture in the same way. Coating quality sofa leather made in Australia in the tropics, so that when making leather chemical coating on the surface to consolidate the leather, strengthened toughness, not easy cracking and sit in sofa, ensure the quality. Paint inferior leather ( Difference between leather and imitation leather? ) The fine leather leather after coating, moderate price, good quality, the products are inexpensive and is the most used leather in China. Buffalo leather leather manufacture for Thailand, because the material is hard, poor flexibility, so that the manufacturing quality of the sofa is a bit poor. Rhetorics of cheap imported leather sofa on the market at present is to such products. Copy this product is cowhide leather processing surface after cutting leather the rest of the organization. China leather sofa manufacturers use the rest of the organization, strengthen the skin produce copy leather copy later.

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