The choose and buy of sofa and tie-in proposal

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

we know that the sofa is to sit rather than only for viewing, the following is the choose and buy of sofa collocation and give you some advice.

say first sofa of choose and buy Suggestions. Buy the sofa must try to sit. If used for a long time to watch TV, sofa can support the body is very important. A moderate degree of support for the body of the sofa, sit down when the hips slightly subsidence, sofa cushion thigh just lie flat, at the same time your feet feet flat fell on the ground. If you find that easy to waist sour backache, may be because the mattress, sofa is not suitable or too old, so the sofa in the filling of foam quality become an important consideration. Must first to understand the details of products, from the manufacturing of filler, structure to the surface of material, the use of material, safety coefficient, etc. , goodwill and reputation of the brand, will provide beyond standard security value of goods, in order to maintain their own and the rights and interests of consumers. Especially brand furniture design, exquisite workmanship and structure. Second, when the choose and buy should pay attention to the sewing work of sofa. Sofa is coated type furniture, it is half an artifact. Like clothing to play version, sewing, also have the stand or fall of work, general sofa to determine whether good or bad can see sewing seams dense. In addition, the suggestion of choose and buy when try to sit a few times more, depends on the feeling of like, rather than a shop assistant said it is good to very good. Finally, the material of sofa is soft, because the leather will breathe so people will use up feeling close skin breathe freely, can use a magnifying glass to see if there is a wool stoma. Have kids at home, it is suggested that choose durable, resistant to dirty leather sofa, and young lone gens can consider strong fashion sense of cloth art sofa.

and the tie-in proposal of sofa. The combined component changes the design of furniture is emphasized in the furniture between collocation. Odd chair sofa collocation adds lively feeling, can be placed in the sitting room master leather chair, also optional special shape or design feeling strong color plastic chair to match, space adds lively and interesting. Deep feeling composed of dermal sofa and wooden color is suitable for the former, the latter is suitable for the pure white or bright colours on the simple line space. Glass and resin of high pressure forming the model of single chair and adornment sex is strong but practicality is weak, can become the porch and corner place adorn, flowers or a book, magazine can be put on as a decoration. That is some advice about the choose and buy of sofa and match.

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