The choose and buy of sofa and put modern simple furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

a good sofa of choose and buy if put inappropriate, again beautiful also can become the streetscape, only in combination with the actual situation of the sitting room to put can fully display the beauty of sofa, make the best use of it. Should be considered when buying a sofa of the sitting room function and area size is different, the size of the sofa with suitable to perfectly with the size of the sitting room, make a bedroom beautiful atmosphere.

one word decorate very common along the wall, sofa along a wall it is spread out the word, put the tea table, in front of the more practical to sitting room smaller families. This style of decoration purpose is to save a space, increase the range, suitable for smaller and members of the family and attaches great importance to the game more activity space.

L form is common in the sitting room furniture put, three sofa and love seat or three plus two single person sofa, sofa combination into L, in the middle with small tea table, make the sitting room appears full also make up for the deficiency of the rectangular width of the sitting room.

C type to a big sofa as the main body, with two single armchair or armrest sofa of jewels furniture put method, can form a kind of accumulation, surround close feeling, suit to the noisy family.

symmetric put two sofa in the way of less common, but in fact it is a very good way to put, especially suitable for the sitting room of a growing number of people who do not enjoy watching TV. Relative put suitable for conversation as the main function of space layout, strong position effects. And the area of the sitting room of different size, just change the size of the sofa can adapt.

put sofa along the wall corner Angle type, forming a mutual exchange of open type communication space, more suitable for the square living room, suggest to buy a sofa, the communication space of the sitting room plump up, enhanced functionality.

strewn at random to put a whole sofa stagger one location, form the s-shaped, very spirit dynamic and practicability, and where the stagger just can put a side table, a novel idea.

double center type is suitable for the sitting room area is spacious and active. Set two recreational area and then split spread out the sofa, thus divided into two talking space, can communicate with each other and relatively independent.

freestyle is either too much space, or space is too small, can use the casual way of sitting room furniture put, it realized the master the art of the pursuit of taste, also reached a free combination of beauty.

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