The choose and buy of hotel bedside table method is what

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-27

bedside table is the vast majority of hotel room in the department must be fewer collocation, although belongs to a small role in the hotel room has, not belong to a very important furniture, often is a left a right with foil, bed, actually otherwise, because regardless of the hotel room is big or small, it is necessary to carefully design. Because it can receive, put the bedroom objects. Such as: some everyday items, placed the head of a bed lamp, or is a guest on mobile phones, convenient for guests of life, more can reflect the taste of the hotel. So how to choose and buy hotel bedside table?

ark can undertake choosing according to the shape of a hotel room:

1. Draw larger hotel rooms, selects the modelling is simple, founder of the wider style, this show is grave and atmosphere.

2。 Smaller room, appropriate design combined bedside table, the small condole ark are, there is a mirror, the lower part can store content, can be both bedside table and comb livestock two functions; Or choose more personalized nightstand to highlight stereo feeling.

3。 Long and narrow type hotel rooms, can put bed relies on a wall, and the head of a bed side by side for a mesa bedside table. This blunt ark can also double as Jane piper dresser and table function.

4。 On the basis of the modelling of bed to match. In general, the bed is generally square, but in recent years, circular bed and bed also gradually lifted. The modelling of bedside table also more diversified, no longer limited to traditional square. You can choose according to the modelling of bed is unique bedside table.

according to your requirements:

1. If only put a few items, choose style with single drawer can be, and take up the space is relatively small some

2. If you need to put a lot of things, can choose to display with multiple trellis bedside table, display framework can display a lot of accessories, can also receive books and other items, how to put, can according to need to adjust; The ark of the head of a bed is usually 2 layer, there are 3 - 4 layers, if you're just as everything to receive on the bedside table, the most layer 2; If you receive a lot of things, it is suggested that using multiple decoration bedstand.

3。 If the room is small, can only put a bedside table, try to choose the design feels strong, so that to reduce its monotonicity; If room area is enough, two bedside table has good symmetry effect, receive something too much;

well, today's hotel bedside table knowledge is introduced here, the choose and buy the next issue will also bring a friend more knowledge of hotel furniture of choose and buy.

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