The choice of sofa a few points?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

each sofa is in the family the life necessary to chat leisure and hospitality to talk after dinner, many many sofa selection method is summarized, each method has concluded after people experience, perhaps some method does not apply to some, perhaps some method itself has a mistake, perhaps some of the method is based on personal beliefs to choose, these methods are used for reference, but not as usual, so we are learning to sofa to choose what kind of method do you want to see right.

today to introduce the choice of sofa under several points:

1, the last time to see an article introduces sofa choice when introduced to: choose to feng shui decided furniture style, color, but not every family in the applicable, because not every family shui this, so with the surrounding environment foil is king, design and color of the sofa must be with the mass-tone attune of the home decoration, decoration, can appear otherwise very abrupt.

2, size, many people like to choose size with lucky Numbers, hope to bring themselves good luck, the sofa is not too big, so actually buy is too small. Is too large will appear the space is narrow, space tourists crowded, the sofa size is too small, will seem empty. When choosing a sofa, so, we should first understand your sofa placed space, measure good measure, and then the right sofa of choose and buy.

3, the depth of the sofa, the sofa of depth affect the comfort, sofa common size is 95 cm deep on the market, the depth which is suitable for height in one. 7 meters. Height in one. 7 meters above the best choice for 105 cm deep sofa, can thoroughly relieve back tension, you can refer to choose sofa according to the human body size.

4, elastic, generally good sofa has good elasticity, elastic impact comfort. Good too soft sofa, are not suitable for human body normal sit, will produce certain effect to human spine.

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