The choice of sitting room sofa and maintenance

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30
Sitting room sofa plays a very important role in our life, the sitting room sofa can show the characteristics of our household style living room sofa show our life taste and reflects the status, so it is very important to the living room sofa, so the choice of sitting room sofa and maintenance is more important. The choice of a sitting room sofa: style, of course, buy furniture must be consistent style or coordination with the sitting room, or you will feel this kind of sitting room sofa very abrupt, that even if sofa again beautiful, also can let a space appear very low. Two: the size, stateroom puts bigger and equipped with tea table, sofa is more convenient and comfortable; Little space can be in accordance with the small cloth art sofa, so the room have some extra space to place other furniture. Three: comfort and safety, this is better understanding, is to be comfortable and safe to use. Of sitting room sofa maintain sofa maintain two pieces, one is cloth art sofa, leather sofa. Cloth art sofa maintain the main is to use a vacuum cleaner clean corner, removing dust between the fabric structure, the pads to outdoor flap, loose inside fiber, maintain the elasticity of sofa. If found loose thread ends, don't break with the hand, had better use scissors neatly cut flat. Dermal sofa maintenance is simple, the main focus is clean, can use at ordinary times after cotton wet wipe gently, clean, after a period of time can wax, careless if leather sofa with oil stains, usable dip towel amount neutral soap water to wipe, then use dry cloth blot.
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