The choice of modern sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24

sofa is modern fashion leisure, office, entertainment equipment, it is the status representative of the fashion, like office reception guests, friends without their house to him. Then choose sofa, what should you pay attention to?

believe we all know that the choice of sofa need to pay attention to the display space, style, color, security, so in addition to these modern sofa also notice what? Of course, don't like custom furniture showed, space, style is tie-in, and today we sofa comfort.

according to the human body function test, for we ordinary people sit high in 360 & ndash; Deep between 380 mm and 480 & ndash; The Angle of 500 mm, right sit face and back in 110 & deg; & 120 deg; It is advisable to between. But the customer at the time of purchase must be according to your own body to choose the right sofa, can do under the sofa, the right amount of their sofa.

so how should measure the appropriate oneself modern sofa?

a feeling and carefully and try to sit sofa to see if there is gap, mainly around the waist. The chair face such as the body and can insert one hand, the gap is that without support body weight. And check sit deep: when maximum by sitting on the sofa, knee still sit outside is advisable.

two the right height, sitting height should be with your knee height. Cushion pressure to limit with the hand, the position of the hand should be slightly below the kneecap advisable, if above the knee by foot not all on the ground, too low is limited to the leg flexion and extension.

need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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