The choice of domestic furniture sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

sofa as many family necessities, incomparable role itself with other furniture, sofa has many types, such as: leather sofa, cloth art sofa, solid wood sofa, fabric sofa, etc, the color is also very much, like: white, black, red, brown, and so on, the style of sofa also each are not identical, like: classical modern sofa, a sofa, Korean, Chinese style sofa, etc. , so there are so many sofa on the market, how should we choose? The choice of sofa in four steps:

a see style, whether the style of sofa is appropriate oneself, color elegant, generous, as far as possible, and the room furniture color coordination, quite & ndash; Body, are set off.

2 see leather, I am here to introduce two kinds, the first leather sofas, leather sofa of choose and buy, luster, smooth leather face to no scarring, skin texture grain is exquisite, hold a pulled up with the tips of your fingers and pull, should feel is flexible, powerful, sit after the wrinkles by dressing can disappear or not obvious, the leather is fine skin; Cloth art sofa 2: to choose the fabric close geographic smooth, no jump wire, no exposed joints, feel is a BengJin.

three elastic, basically see the elastic suitability of backrest and seat, sit up see sofa will emit sound, will has a rough feel.

4 see quality, quality can look at the firm level, can forcibly around his hands before and after the whole sofa repeatedly shake, shake, feel its strong degree.

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