The characteristics of the postmodern furniture style and maintenance skills

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-17
Postmodern furniture is to belong to a kind of post-modern style furniture, it refers to the use of exaggeration of postmodern art is a kind of dislocation, mixing, superposition, formed by the fission of metaphor and symbol, in the form of light and post-modern luxury furniture is again good will have object style into the style of classic lasting appeal, have a kind of form is changeable, outstanding style, simple and complicated to fit the development of modern home decoration furniture, so called the postmodern furniture.

a, postmodern furniture style characteristic:

1, postmodern furniture into the European classical style, at the same time into the modern pop elements, can show master costly, and can embody the contracted form, can reflect master the art of self-restraint and taste.

2, postmodern furniture, effective ways to incorporate the new and old style, effective play the role of a fold, at the same time the use of a variety of expression, so to make light of luxury postmodern furniture has its own unique style and artistic pursuit.

3, postmodern furniture modelling with rectangle commonly as the basic framework, the corner of the panel and the skilful use of some elliptic processing, using a large number of exquisite elegant arc design, full of the beauty of rhythm, urbane, excellence. Forward-thinking, whimsical design concept, to cater to the parvenu gens aesthetic taste.

4, postmodern furniture to history and culture into the modern life, blend in adornment gimmick to furniture, through light, shadow and building for the make up the space that appear, played an important stage for decoration.

2, postmodern furniture maintenance tips:

1, don't drag to casual furniture, if you need to drag furniture, furniture can be four corners and then move out from a distance.

the process of 2, use to avoid scratching the pet, to make good furniture protection at the same time, avoid being hard to cut.

3, furniture to avoid direct sunlight for a long time, so as to avoid cracking.

4, indoor temperature to maintain constant temperature, not too high or too low, dry humidity to ensure the good at the same time, avoid furniture is put in the environment of too wet or too dry.

5, at the time of furniture for dust removal, avoid wipes furniture, with good thing but to scrub with a soft towel.

6, furniture when cleaning, do not use acid alkaline cleaners, but to buy neutral detergent for cleaning, cleaning after dry with a clean cloth.

is simpler, the technique of expression of postmodern furniture in the furniture line and colour comparison pay attention to color, so its style is outstanding, the popular art as design basis, at the same time the classic lasting appeal is blended in among them, make furniture in terms of appearance and function are very natural.

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