The characteristics of Nordic style furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

furniture market in recent years, with the home decoration is constantly changing style, popular in recent years should be of the furniture of boreal Europe style, it is different from general European style furniture, not thick, luxuriant in the traditional sense and the Europe type style of heavy and complicated, on the contrary, the furniture of boreal Europe style is concise, stable color, usually use of a single color to unify the whole style of whole room, then, boreal Europe style home has what characteristics?

1。 With white as the basic tone of Nordic style furniture. The colour of boreal Europe style is pure and clean, most of the major colour fundamental key of choice is rice white. As a whole on the color of furniture of it is pure clean and not too bright and dazzling, is a neutral and mild. In most of the collocation of Nordic style furniture will choose rice white as the basic color, this is the first big boreal Europe furniture style characteristic.

2。 Concise nature of Nordic style furniture. Basic used in combination of the furniture of boreal Europe style is simple and natural style, not gorgeous atmosphere we imagine the Europe type style. Most choose color is white or wood log color, create a warm and simple comfort. This is also a lot of people the feeling of love and yearning, therefore, and falling in love with the furniture of boreal Europe style.

3。 The colour collocation of the boreal Europe style furniture. The style of boreal Europe style furniture alone is single, but in terms of combinations is to have cultured. Because the overall basic furniture colour is given priority to with white, can match colors some accessories or accessories. The cushion for leaning on of such as color or some green plant can foil a whole landscape.

4。 Modelling of Nordic style furniture with light. Nordic style of decoration and important is can use light, natural light or lamps and lanterns can cooperate with the furniture of the light from the build a different atmosphere and effect. Overall the characteristics of Nordic style furniture is simple and comfortable, so under the regulation of light completely can do it, too. For example, choose the curtain of quietly elegant of natural let in natural light transmission can foil a warm and bright feeling.

boreal Europe style furniture has obvious line feeling, also have a return to natural advocate natural beauty of fashion, so popular with many young people. It is also a kind of special decorate a style, like the friend of post-modern style is more suitable to try.

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