The characteristics of modern light luxury furniture and how to choose

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-20

light luxury is not a kind of soft outfit design style, but a represents a unique taste and style of life attitude, light, is a kind of elegant attitude, quiet, comfortable, but nondestructive noble and elegant; Luxury, it is a kind of don't let a person have pressure but it is the pursuit of quality and a refined, sophisticated life state. But how many people to choose light luxury furniture is not very understanding, today small make up to you to introduce the characteristic of light luxury furniture and design specifications.

1, simple design

one of the main characteristics of modern light luxury furniture, is decorating a design with high quality, simple idea. Simple and easy design subject, and fashion, avant-garde, elegant to the person, and there will be warm and comfortable feel. Compared with all of you are familiar with modern style, quality and design feeling, much a few minutes Life reveal natural pure, and combines the costly temperament and connotation.

2, classical and modern fusion

modern light luxury furniture decoration above more modern elements will be contracted, atmosphere and classical elements together. Whether in the layout design of hard and soft outfit, or in the application of color design, can reflect this characteristic. General hard outfit will be partial modernism, classical furniture and soft outfit more biased towards the wind, overall the sense that gives a person is very fashion, luxury, have grade.

3, colorful

although modern light luxury furniture is also a kind of modern furniture, but unlike traditional now furniture, modern light excessive contrast on colour is applied. Senior black and senior ash as usual expression, give a space a neat feeling. And often have higher lightness of the color of camel's hair, ivory white, etc. , for the bedroom presents a kind of sweet atmosphere, elegant fashion.

comparison pay attention to the quality of life, modern light luxury furniture appearance above general simple decoration luxury, for each owner to create a completely relax household environment can make body and mind. Thus decoration will choose some soft soft adornment, make the room more full of sweet feeling.

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