The characteristics of modern furniture and the collocation of whole household

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

decorate household environment is the most can reflect a person's life quality and taste, the present household style diversity, the collocation of whole to live in a lot of times to be choice, the collocation of household is inseparable, and furniture and modern furniture is many people choose to, the following will introduce the characteristics of modern furniture and its collocation.

a characteristic, modern furniture

1, are now in more do very emphasis on functional design aspects, such as simple line is fluent, intense color contrast modulation, this is the unique modern style furniture.

2, a large amount of use tempered glass, stainless steel etc. Some of the new material and as auxiliary materials, is also a common decoration methods of modern furniture, brings forward, fashion the free feeling of uninhibited.

3, because of the simple line, decorative elements not many, modern furniture need perfect soft outfit design coordination, to reflect the aesthetic feeling. Such as need cushion, table cloth, sofa bed need curtains and so on to foil, soft outfit is the key of the modern decoration.

4, no matter how big the room, be sure to look spacious. Do not need tedious decoration and the furniture of a lot of, in terms of decoration and the embodiment of the maximum overall harmony with furniture in the room. With mathematical geometry shape, this is the contemporary and contracted style.

5, argues that in a good layout space play a very good use function. Emphasize on furniture of choose and buy to let furniture obey us using the form of function, all from a practical point of view, not to spare additional decoration, almost.


1, modern furniture collocation method, the display of the restaurant wants to beautiful and practical, not casual design. All kinds of accessories to change because of the dining environment is different. Set in the modern furniture decoration in the kitchen, paying special attention to each other with the facilities inside the kitchen.

2, set in the sitting room the restaurant a few adornment, pay special attention to the living room with the function of modern furniture and style is consistent, if the restaurant for the independent model, can be in accordance with the pattern of bedroom whole do some easy romance, as a whole, decorate the independent model restaurant, more suitable for such furniture.

3, modern furniture should according to room nature will decorate the activity and function of demand, one of the main design package is the furniture, including tea table, a combination.

4, and accordingly, such as TV and acoustics and books, newspapers and audio-visual materials and a lot of drinks and appliance, etc. , can be add in the modern furniture of the above.

the above is the main characteristic of the modern furniture and its collocation means, of course, in the life the life requirement of each person is different, also different to the requirement of household, so for household and furniture collocation also can completely optional collocation according to the requirements of their own.

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