The characteristics of modern furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

modern furniture wholesale and buy: the characteristics of modern furniture. Furniture in the bedroom can rise to sit, storage and other practical function, and this kind of function to the maximum, its external elements becomes very important. Such as shape, material, color, and even comfort and so on, constitutes the personality characteristics of furniture. But in modern society, furniture of external model affects people's visual experience, therefore, this factor is becoming more and more affect consumers' desire to buy.

a, modern furniture modelling, is the key to about furniture. A good shape, can bring aesthetic feeling to the person and the pleasure and comfort. Unify international household furniture modelling design, first of all should follow aesthetic relationship of contrast, thick and thin, round and square, song and direct contrast, the contrast relationship, let furniture harmony, generous, modern on modelling.

2, the material of modern furniture is a furniture design model was able to give the viewer the key to beauty, any furniture modelling is through the material to shape modelling, there is no suitable material, modelling is difficult to achieve, then, for the furniture, is actually depends on the material and process technology, and through technology. Furniture material has two categories: one is the natural material, Such as wood, bamboo, etc. ) , additionally one kind is artificial materials ( Such as glass, metal, etc. ) 。

the different material, makes the furniture on the processing technology, bring people visual and tactile feeling is different, the characteristics of material itself has treated their surface texture more make public: make the beauty of the material is smooth, the appearance of primitive simplicity, the feeling of skin, so we can say that the proper use of furniture material, can not only strengthen the artistic effect of furniture, but also reflect an important symbol of furniture quality. Three, modern furniture, colour is rich in symbolic of element symbols in furniture design, the use of color, things the design style of living environment, reflects the characteristics of habitant, taste and quality. Design content from the rich and colorful natural color, use the color of a certain color relations, and USES color layout, form a sense of rhythm and rhythm, forming a unique language, convey a kind of emotion, so as to achieve the aim of attraction and infection of the consumer.

4, modern furniture is not just good-looking, strange, but also easy to use. Emperor, modern furniture design emphasizes combined with human learning. Furniture product itself is being used, so the scale of furniture design, modelling, colour and its arrangement must conform to the person's physiological and psychological scale and the regularity of human body each part of the activities, in order to achieve safe, practical, convenient, comfortable and beautiful purposes. The model of furniture design, material selection and collocation, decoration pattern, color, pattern and so on will be more people to consider the psychological need.

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