The character and furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27

we choose furniture, in many cases is depends on our disposition, and character determines our aesthetic, so whether what style will someone like.


basic it is like Chinese classic furniture, typically like annatto furniture. The furniture of this kind of attention to detail the vulture act the role ofing, pay attention to the overall antique atmosphere. Comfort not big requirements, appearance to symmetry, pay attention to material and texture and color saturation. Because it embodies the human feelings of master and certain social status.

ordinary send

this is the price has certain requirements, basic pursue cost-effective. No special requirements for appearance characteristics, stressing contracted simple beauty. And of the sitting room and bedroom decorate of proportion, the furniture price within ten thousand. Such parties pursue common household life, simple and comfortable and generous, be particular about economic applicable.

innovation send

this is the pursuit of modern fashion and unique preferably reflect individual character of furniture. So special like European classical furniture design products, such as the uterus chair, egg chair, swan chair, chair bear ~ these leisure light can cause sufficient interest, listen to the name of comfort is better. This is forever IN the the tide of The Times, to accept most things IN, dares to accept new things. If within the scope of the bear generally accepted price. If love, even if the price is very high, also dare to bear.

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