The cautions of hotel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-01

hotel furniture for hotel operation plays a very key position, may directly or indirectly affect the mood of the guests, and thus affect the traffic, so take special care when choosing the hotel furniture, I have collected below the hotel furniture purchase and use the matters needing attention.

a, hotel furniture in the outside part of the human body may contact, as far as possible choose smooth edges, it is not easy to let a guest cause unnecessary damage.

the color of the two, hotel furniture cannot too dazzling, otherwise easy to cause visual fatigue.

three, for combination or stack of hotel furniture, must have a combination of soundness device, otherwise easy to touch or earthquake collapse and cause harm to the customer.

4, hotel furniture, if you have any hidden road network design ( Like some hot pot hotel) , paying special attention to its trough space, capacity, and the insulation of the contact with the body, otherwise it will cause the frequency current heating up and fire. Five restoring ancient ways, generally speaking, there are hotels there will be a classic screen, then consider the stability of hotel furniture, to prevent instability caused by accidents. Six, general Chinese table height is 74 - 76 cm, the gap between the chair. Height is not standard, can create improper posture and affect the body health.

7, the design of the hotel the legs of the table space must be sufficient, too limited easy to cause the leg bending and impact the leg blood circulation, make the leg paralysis and fatigue. Didn't pay attention to the many hotels, but this is one of the factors affecting the main guest mood.

eight have a solid wood furniture, hotel furniture, this thing we have to pay attention to the moisture content of solid wood furniture should not exceed 12%, the high moisture content, wood easy to warp, deformation.

9, choice of hotel furniture innovation, out of the ordinary is also very important, the same people are hard to remember, but distinctive furniture is put in the hotel to attract eyeball can let customers deeply remember your hotel.
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