The bulls chair - Do a brave fight

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

is there a chair is on behalf of you, just on behalf of you. Strong and go on your behalf and courage, striving to make progress is clear conscience of the hero in your life. You are outstanding in performance at work; In front of the woman you are the most strong rely on, is like a bull, no power shall not abuse; In front of mom and dad, your face is always smiling, always play the role of happy, as if you don't have any trouble forever.

you are the embodiment of strength, you have nothing to fear. Bull's chair, too. The Danish designer Hans. Wegener's classic furniture as a bull's chair. The chair of the material is leather recliners, using light stainless steel stents, firmly on the floor, like their bull ready for battle. Leather seat and back of a chair, inside filled with high density sponge. The whole people can fully nest, completely don't worry it will succumb. Carefully designed backrest and armrest, and foot, humanized extremely. Anyway, the whole people is that you can fully relax, even if you are a large number of characters, the weight of this large size may be refers to you, don't mind small make up white poking fun at here. If you are such a positive spirit, has a manly and bulls. Please select your booty, on behalf of your one and only.
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