The brief history of furniture and maintenance aspects of

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-01
The brief history and maintenance aspects of finished product furniture furniture development history: in recent years, the farmers' living standard, especially the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and other places, and even higher standard of living for the urban residents. The mass marketing of future furniture must consider the rich peasants, their demand for furniture will increase at an annual rate of 20% to 30%. According to the survey of guangdong province furniture association, guangdong at least 80% of the farmers to get married, build all kinds of finished product furniture of choose and buy. Zinc products: pure zinc products use less, and used in combination with zinc alloy or steel. Such as galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, etc. Used in furniture is less, the reason for poor strength of zinc products. Zinc alloy accessories such as eccentric buckle, structure connection point ( A) And so on. About 6 zinc alloy density slightly lower than iron. 8 or so, the price is between steel and aluminum alloy, the majority of the zinc alloy furniture fittings in the form of die casting production. Furniture cleaning method: 1. Soap cleaning: every once in a while to a wooden furniture cleaning, can use soft cloth or sponge to soap water scrubbing of temperature, light, dry after appearing, reoccupy furniture wax coating made of light oil. 2. Milk cleaning: use clean cloth to immerse in the expired milk, next reoccupy dishcloth wooden furniture such as table, remove dirt effect is very good. Finally use water to clean it again. 3. Water cleaning: paint class office furniture stained with dust, gauze wet wipe tea leaves are available, and with cold water scrub, or can make office furniture, especially bright and clean and bright. Mistake: wooden furniture can put wood furniture in sunshine point-blank. Sunshine can be basked in paint not only, still can make the wood craze. Put the wood furniture heater or fireplace. High temperature can make the wood bending, and may even cause blowout. The rubber or plastic items placed in the wooden furniture surface for a long time. This kind of material will react with the paint on the surface of the wood, resulting in the loss. Wooden furniture not only simply with wet dishcloth to wipe, but should choose professional furniture oils such as home care products, ensure to lock the moisture in wood, make furniture maintain normal moisture content, prevent weather-shack wood deformation, prolong the service life of furniture. Furniture group: WWW. dl - hf. Com related tags: living room furniture
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