The bedroom tatami matters needing attention

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-06
< / P > < P > a, power socket location has exquisite < / P > < P > 1. The lower side of the general power outlets more than 45 cm in height. < / P > < P > 2。 Tatami scheme with the position of the chest, do not have to set the switch socket, in the right hand side if there is a cabinet, should pay attention to whether the block this room switch panel. < / P > < P > 3。 Scheme if there is a lift on the couch couch rice, it is suggested that leave the power cord is at the bottom of the elevator, the elevator side panel can be installed on a five hole socket. < / P > < P > 4。 If there is a TV ark, or plan to put the computer where the socket will reserve a good location. < / P > < P > 2, reasonable heating position to < / P > < P > 1. If haven't deal with under the window, central heating will be partial packages within the tatami platform, window sill under the recommended height of 30 cm width can be customized for heating, namely so beautiful does not affect the integrity of couch couch rice again. < / P > < P > 2, heat as far as possible not to is blocked by the cabinet, it will affect the heat dissipation. < / P > < P > 3, should be many new homes are warm now, so please find formal tatami production company, ensure that does not destroy metope and ground, more secure. < / P > < P > 3, the ground under the couch couch rice < / P > < P > tatami platform for independent box, each box has a base plate, so you can choose whether the ground floor or floor tile, separate cabinet can move, if after some years there motionless, leveling the ground can be directly cement ground, do not make processing, including at the back of the wall cabinet is also in the same way. < / P > < P > 4, curtain in the final installation < / P > < P > bamboo shade effect of tatami room with tatami actually is also very good, so the curtain can wait tatami do come again after the match. Window, of course, you can also choose to do grid, such collocation out more perfect! < / P >
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