The bedroom suit to install droplight?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-06

bedroom suit to install droplight? Should pay attention to what details? Choose droplight should pay attention to the height and shape of the bedroom, bedroom also note the installation position of droplight.

1, in height, suggest the height less than 2. 5 m in the room had better not use droplight, lest make indoor height is more low, produce depressive feeling. In addition, when the choose and buy the bedroom droplight also notice according to the bedroom to determine the height of the chandelier hanging height, so as not to knock against occur when replacing draperies.

2, in shape, is often used in the design of modern bedroom abnormity of the bedroom space design to create special effects, some owners also like by changing the interior structure to change the shape and size of the bedroom, so choose droplight must pay attention to the coordinated with the shape of the bedroom and decorate a style.

3, attention should be paid to the installation position of droplight. Droplight to install a coffret will affect indoor illumination, security, and ceiling decoration design, so when the choose and buy should determine the installation position of good droplight in advance, preferably not install the large chandelier in the bed upper part, otherwise easy to give a person the sense of depression.

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