The basis of creative hotel restaurant furniture size

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-11

the basis of creative restaurant hotel furniture size

hotel restaurant furniture size mm (the basis of Installation dimensions and effect size) , both in appearance size and the size of the set, the key is derived from the ergonomic, based on fully considering the user in work and daily life of the whole application process safety, comfortable, health of body and mind and feelings, these areas have long-term accumulation, there is a specific guidance and restriction, the national standard in China. Therefore, the hotel dining room furniture custom-made must according to the hotel suite interior space size, can make a suitable hotel suite furniture design furniture.

1。 Bed screen: 1200/1500/600/700/800/1150/1800 x 1200 x

1200 - — 1280 ( 1200). ; 1500 - — 1550; 1800 - — 1860, are also applicable to the same measurements as those of the general hotel restaurant furniture and hotel furniture hall furniture, and so on to carry out the hotel dining room furniture custom-made, to a large number of purchase.

2。 Bed ark ( Including electrical ark and bed ark) : 550/590/600 x 500 x / 450/480 500/520 550/580 /

general size: 550 * 450 * 550, in the absence of special circumstances, under the provisions of the hotel furniture, hotel furniture, hall furniture of the size of board type furniture bed are all consistent, so will be more choose average size. Bed ark motor control board specifications:

470 x 110 ( Custom) , the price is 50 - 80 yuan, high-grade controller in 300 - the microelectronics technology Among 650 yuan.

3。 Makeup stage/table: 1200/1300 x 550/600/650 x 750

general size: 1200 x 600 x 750

4. Makeup chair chair/boots

general size: 480 * 460 *, makeup chair/boots chair in higher-end hotel suite furniture series products will reflect to a certain extent, the general hotel furniture is generally not easy to use.

5。 Makeup stool: x 450 x 420 x / 450/460 350/360

general size: 420 * 350 * 450

6. Makeup mirror: 700/750 600/800/1000 x x alternated

general size: 900 * 700 * 30

7. Full-length mirror

general size: 1600 * 600 * alternated

8. General TV ark, Small tank 470 * 440 * 470) : 800/850/900 x 550/600 x


general sizes: 800/900 550/600 x 650 x

9. TV ark

long TV ark general size: 500/550 500/550 1200/1500/1800 x x; High TV ark general size:

1000/1100 (550/600). The foot of TV ark is varied, a long, high, general

model, generally in the middle and high class wine accounts for a suite furniture you choose long TV ark, and in hotel furniture series products, the general is generality

type, commonly used in business reception hotel suite furniture is high TV ark.

10。 Luggage cabinet: 550/600 550/600 800/850/900 x x / 680

general size: 800 * 550 * 550, luggage cabinet and wardrobe is made of the body, this class should be the hotel interior space


11。 Chair MAO/armchair

general size: 620 x 600 x

12. Round tables roulette: its diameter smaller than the diameter of a counter - 700 800Mm。

in addition, measure the diameter of the round dining tables. When customers in many cases will tell, generally see the dining tables and how many people want to sit, the

must be market manager and related staff to clear the diameter of the counter. Optimization algorithm is: the counter diameter ( m) = ( The total number of x 0. 6) Present

PI Π ( 0. 6 m is ー himself all normal seat of total width) 。

above, summarize the size based on creative hotel restaurant furniture, hope to be of help.

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