The Barcelona chair leather with XiPi respectively

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

Barcelona chair is famous architect mies. All that. Johndroe design, on the market there are many high copy Barcelona chair, technology is also different, such as X stainless steel foot points, different manufacturers do trade unions, according to the requirements of the original, the connection point is very thin, and very stable, this factory is not much, but now do however, emperor can do that, in addition to this difference thought there are many differences, today we will talk about the difference between the leather and XiPi in Barcelona chair materials.

because of Barcelona chair is can not see the inside of the skin texture and structure, so we can only start from the surface. A Barcelona chair, leather feel is relatively soft, plump, elastic, will press the marks then recovery, and generally XiPi Barcelona chair leather good gloss, color bright, feel is not very good. Second, Barcelona chair leather has a clear pores, texture, sometimes beef tendon. While XiPi texture completely consistent, do not have the distinction of tripe and cow back. Three, usually leather Barcelona chair had a smell of animal, and XiPi strong plastic smell. Four, leather Barcelona chair permeability, are better than XiPi water imbibition, and XiPi not bibulous, can waterproof, anti-fouling, clean easily. If skin samples we can see that from inside the leather has animal fiber, can see lit the dermis and see whether have the smell of rotten eggs, and leather is not easy to ignite, not hard bumps. Lighting: from genuine leather and XiPi back off a bit of fiber, when lit, leather is not easy to ignite, will have the smell of rotten eggs, because leather contain protein, it is the desire in protein, not hard bumps. Form a pimple, plastic smell is XiPi.
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