The advantages of metal furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-06-27

the advantages of metal furniture

great personality style

main components of modern metal furniture mostly adopts the thickness is 1 to 1. 2 mm high quality carbon steel thin-walled stainless steel tube or aluminum tube, etc. Because thin-walled metal toughness, good ductility, spectacular and beautiful arc can be processed into a variety of curve shape and design. Artistic appeal of metal main frame with real wood and man-made board, cloth, stone, glass and other parts or accessories clever collocation, all exhibit various, ten thousand kind of charm, pleasing. Many metal furniture form unique style, halfback, show a strong personal style, and these are often the woodiness furniture is difficult to compare.

with functions of folding

many varieties have folding function in metal furniture, not only easy to use, also can save a space, make the area of limited family living environment relatively loose and comfortable.

choose colorful

metal furniture surface finishing is colorful, can be all kinds of beautiful beautiful colour polyurethane powder coating, can also be a gleaming chrome plated; Can be glittering, showily elegance of vacuum nitriding titanium or titanium carbide coating, can also be a titanium plating and powder spray the perfect combination of two or more color contrast, brightness. At present, the world began to popular K gold plating and black gold plating technology, more the taste and quality of metal furniture to a very high level. Metal furniture integrating function and aesthetic function, some high grade acura has the collection value.

an aesthetic value

metal furniture and elegant of primitive simplicity and contemporary breath, artistic appreciation value and aesthetic value, for the current furniture market added a unique scenery.

category variety

metal furniture category and variety is very rich, suitable for use in the bedroom, sitting room, dining-room furniture from soup to nuts. These metal furniture is a good way to create a different room in the family need different atmosphere, also can make household more diversified and more full of modern flavor.

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