The advantages of cloth art sofa shortcomings

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-02

the sofa of the sitting room there are many different types, the choice of cloth art sofa is also a lot of families, so what's the advantages disadvantages of cloth art sofa? Small make up explain for everybody.

1, the advantages of cloth art sofa cloth art sofa moisture absorption power, the material of cloth art sofa are cotton fiber and cotton fiber is porous material, the internal molecular arrangement is irregular, and contains a large number of hydrophilic molecule. Cloth art sofa with cloth, cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat, full of stagnant air, and does not produce static electricity, permeability is good, sensitive, easy to clean. Cloth art sofa strength, wear resistance, good elasticity, good heat resistance.

2, the shortcomings of cloth art sofa cloth art sofa shrinkage is big, because cotton fiber has a strong water imbibition, when its water absorption after make cotton fiber, cotton yarn shortening deformation. Part of cloth art sofa fabric poor heat resistance and light fastness, in use process should pay attention to the washing and ironing to conform to the conditions, so as to avoid damage.

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