The advantages of board type furniture with skills of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-30

plate hotel furniture now occupies a large market share, because its plank is out of shape not easily, colour diversity, are popular with many people. Plate wood hotel furniture is main support frame with real wood timber, most of the rest of the furniture is made of wood composite materials products. The tear open outfit is convenient, save timber furniture, colour diversity, is to develop the furniture industry. Plate hotel furniture wood combination furniture is main board and pure board type furniture. Pure board type furniture plywood, density board and particieboard materials furniture. Most consumers always regarded as orthodox and high-grade solid wood furniture, board type furniture but, in fact, from the perspective of use and appearance, is not much difference.

plate hotel furniture also has the advantages of many:

is a good toughness, good dimensional stability in the manufacturing process, easy to be laid, bent into various shapes, even level perfect appearance generous;

second, raw materials, widely used in the forming process of advanced equipment and processing technology, furniture product quality more stable, and from the structure to improve the weakness of real wood plank is cracked easily broken, furniture made of scratch resistance, burning resistance and pollution resistance are good;

third, as long as no long-term immersion be affected with damp be affected with damp, wood composite board does not generally buckling deformation, solid wood furniture and some perfection because of the bad material or moisture content is high and slowly than deformation of deterioration, has a superior place. Look from the price, due to differences in the cost of materials and processing costs, board type furniture is cheaper than solid wood furniture. In addition, the country is also very encouraging consumers to use board type furniture, because you can save a lot of precious hardwood materials, is conducive to protect the forest resources and the environment.

plate hotel furniture should be emphatically observed when choosing the following six aspects:

1, the plate quality

look closely at the edges of the plate, the decorative parts on glue is even, bonding is strong, trimming whether level off is smooth, parts under the side plate, door plank, the drawer panel whether the visual part of mouth end face sealing side, fine decoration plate edge profile on touch no traces of adhesive. Combined the tongue-and-groove basically see the hole is delicate, neat, fittings installed whether firm, plane and end face have tee joint clearance after connection, with the hand push have loose phenomenon.

2, see hardware fittings

the quality standards of hardware fittings is the most intuitive, good hardware to switch freely, without noise, surface coating without peeling phenomenon. Some of the hardware of high-grade board type furniture is imported, the foreign signs can be found above. Because free disassembling combination is the biggest advantage of board type hotel furniture, so the hardware fittings quality is very important.

metal parts require dexterity, smooth, good surface plating treatment, there can be no rust, burr, etc. , with a higher accuracy. Plastic parts to modelling beautiful, bright colors, use to have strength and flexibility, the focus on parts cannot too thin. Open fittings for flexible rotation, such furniture in the open to use can smoothly and easily, without friction.

3, the sealing side cover

carefully looking for flaws, sealing side quality significantly affects the quality of the furniture. First, the merits of the edge banding material, and second should pay attention to the sealing side to see if there is uneven, cock phenomenon. Good sealing side should fit the whole plate. Cover materials had a great influence on furniture grade. To touch the surface of paint film, general and high-grade board type hotel furniture of real wood veneers, mid-range is paper stick a face, a molding and surface for glue stick a face of a lower price. Among them, the paper cover and different processing technology to the class.

4, look at the size

the main dimensions of board type hotel furniture national standards are required. Such as wardrobe space depth within the specified hang chest should be greater than or equal to 530 mm, the table class furniture height is 680 mm to 760 mm high, bookcase clearance between the layers should be greater than or equal to 230 mm to 310 mm, etc. Consumers most need to know when choosing plate hotel furniture to notice these main dimensions, because the furniture if less than the specified size, use will bring so much inconvenience. Such as wardrobe, spatial depth starts to hang clothes, door close is not good phenomenon.

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