The advantages and disadvantages of teak furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-25

teak is a tropical tree species, is one of the most precious trees in the world, from honey to brown color, long and thick, is the national treasure of Burma, Indonesia's tree, in some parts of China can grow teak, but teak itself materials have different grades, like almost of teak colour and lustre is dim, the lack of oil, and very good feel of teak lubrication and exquisite and rich, most of the teak highly resistant to corrosion, and in a variety of climate is not easy to deformation, teak furniture prices in recent years more and more high, led to a lot of people want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of teak furniture, so what teak furniture has strengths and weaknesses? Advantages:

teak furniture as the king of the wood, teak furniture, the advantage of not too little. 1, teak expansion shrinkage for all wood in one of the least. The erosion resistance to sea and land animals, and does not corrode iron class, due to the shrinkage of small, thus not leaking. 2, teak furniture is through photosynthesis oxidation, and golden color, color will be more beautiful with time. 3, teak furniture is very stable and durable, simple sense is very good, teak has good resistance to weathering 4, teak furniture, like wine chair, put on the longer good-looking. 5, teak in various environments is not easy to deformation, corrosion and cracking. 6, texture delicate, graceful chalk line, multicolored oil film, the whole constitutes the natural texture of various 7 after decorating, high oil content, more with more smooth, reduce moisture phenomenon. Teak furniture the disadvantages of the 1, 2, teak furniture price is relatively high relatively little, it's hard to buy on the market
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