The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture pine furniture of knowledge

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-09

solid wood furniture while most are more expensive, but there are still a few relatively common, like pine furniture, pine furniture is also belongs to a kind of solid wood furniture, and is one of the cheapest in solid wood furniture, because pine as home has too many disadvantages and difficult to maintain, but it has the advantages of and has a solid wood furniture, so be made into furniture, then through development, pine furniture has also been a lot of people like, what are the advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture? Below to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture of solid wood furniture knowledge.

advantages: 1, with natural color, texture of solid wood furniture. 2, has a hint of sweet, this is not most of the furniture. 3, relative family, pine furniture formaldehyde content less, environmental protection, health. 4, pine furniture can sculpt, this wood carving is solid wood furniture unique. 5, good air permeability, good to people's body. 6, solid wood furniture in the cheapest one.

disadvantages: 1, split easy deformation, into the water. 2, maintenance difficulties, easy to change color, although there are paint, but the paint is also difficult to conceal defects. 3, pine furniture disassembling are difficult, not like plate easily. 4, although the natural colour and lustre is pine furniture is a virtue, but also is one of its shortcomings, because it is a single color, only have paint to complement this shortage, thus to cover up the advantages of pine furniture. 5, when the pine pine oil deoiling incomplete will cause made of pine furniture has peculiar smell. 6, although all the furniture can not direct sunlight, but pine furniture furniture more prone to damage than others.

pine furniture prices

pine furniture price is relatively cheap, ranging from several hundred to more than one thousand common pine furniture, you are thousands of dollars. Pine price depends on how much of the furniture product material consumption, manufacturers of process technology, products, difficulty degree of difficult, not to a reserve price, this is the error, many consumers like solid wood furniture Y chair & throughout; , each manufacturer is different, the price of the material, style, although the same, but the workmanship and comfort will be different, so the price of pine combines multiple factors to set, then consider price, consumers make a bargain.
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