The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture and panel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

along with the advance of science and technology and the enhancement of production process, material also more and more used in the manufacture of furniture; Up to see there are two kinds: solid wood and man-made board, with these two kind of material made of solid wood furniture and panel furniture, respectively. Caused a lot of consumers do not know to choose real wood furniture is good or good board type furniture, for this very troubled. Solid wood furniture and panel furniture each has its own characteristics, each has advantages and disadvantages. First of all, pure solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture is refers to the means that all material is natural wood, again without processing does not use any man-made board furniture is made of; And now in the market still have a kind of imitation solid wood furniture, solid wood and man-made board is a mixture of furniture, namely, side panel, top and bottom, partition with particle board and MDF, such as doors and drawer use real wood, etc. Board type furniture is to point to the surface cover of particleboard and MDF or spray the paint made of all sorts of color of furniture. Sold on the market at present board type furniture is given priority to with wood grain simulation cover, the effect is very lifelike, luster and feel is very good. Real wood furniture of simple natural style, relatively more environmentally friendly raw materials, to satisfy the people's psychology of returning to nature. Long service life. Generally 3 to the service life of board type furniture For five years. The service life of furniture of real wood is board type furniture more than 5 times. Solid wood furniture is the main defect is easy to deformation, maintenance is difficult; Can't keep the direct sunlight, for example, cannot super-cooling overheat, too dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood furniture; If you didn't pay attention when using, frequent switch air conditioning the change of temperature and humidity is too big. Remind consumers when the choice to choose large well-known production of solid wood furniture solid wood products can almost possible to avoid deformation and cracking phenomenon. Select market has a lot of the popular solid wood house, truthfully wood stair, real wood floor, solid wood door, solid wood original wood door, solid wood floor, solid wood cabinets and so on are very popular with consumers in the market. To buy a house, purchase, decorate a BBS, property BBS board type furniture design more change, more can reveal personality, meet the requirements of the people to the pursuit of fashion and personality. Board type furniture is not easy to be out of shape, craze, better maintenance. The defect of board type furniture is more on environmental protection, some manufacturers use the formaldehyde of man-made board manufacturing furniture, the furniture of this can cause the pollution of indoor environment, which poses a threat to people's health; Short service life are generally in three years. And the biggest problem is that environmental protection board type furniture: artificial plank multi-purpose additive adhesive when producing, if the furniture cover, sealing side without dealing with good, there will be a pollution hazard. There are a lot of furniture, open cabinets and drawers are strong excitant odour, is belongs to this kind of problem, should not be such furniture to buy.

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