The advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture and maintenance method

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-26

the material production of solid wood furniture are natural, make furniture has a faint fragrance trees, pine furniture, too, with a hint of pine taste, refreshing, others say smell was not used to the taste of rosin, then this is it? The advantages or disadvantages of pine fragrance, what is the advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture, pine furniture maintenance and how to do?

pine fragrance is one of the advantages of pine furniture, though not so people like, but the taste is good for people's physical and mental health.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture?

the advantages of pine furniture:

1, natural materials, formaldehyde content is little, little harm, has a light fragrance.

2, pine furniture with natural texture, soft lines, has a natural beauty.

3, although pine furniture is solid wood furniture, but it is relatively cheap.

pine furniture drawback:

1, pine furniture, fast reaction of atmospheric temperature, so easily expansion

2, moisture content is high, easy to crack. Also difficult to dry.

3, easily affected by external environment, it is difficult to maintain.

pine furniture maintenance methods:

1, easy to be stained with dust, so remember to remove dust.

2, to prevent heat, heat deformation.

3, pay attention to waterproof, the water is hard to dry.

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