The advantages and disadvantages of oak furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

oak is a kind of solid wood furniture, it is better than pine furniture, more expensive, but less than high-grade walnut, cheaper to calculate general timber in solid wood furniture, general plant 10 years can grow, originally is not ideal of oak furniture materials, but as the price of real wood is more and more expensive today, oak was developed to make furniture, also called oak furniture, so what oak has strengths and weaknesses?

oak furniture advantages: 1, the price is cheaper in solid wood furniture. 2, oak furniture is easy to maintain, not easy craze, like pine furniture furniture of oak wood is harder, stronger stability, texture clear, homogeneous structure. 3, oak home has a good wear resistance characteristics, it is very suitable for floor, brace as sofa is very appropriate also. 4, rubber without a good sense of colour and lustre, full and natural color, don't need to do too much modification and processing.

oak furniture faults: 1, even though the real wood furniture is cheaper, but still not ordinary consumers to afford, so the applicability is not wide. 2, oak furniture is a hard, in fact, is also its drawback, the moisture in this furniture is not easy to completely dry, long is more easy to rotten. 3, due to the difficult to obtain good oak, oak furniture and more easily confused and rubber wood furniture, can affect the consumer's judgment. 4, it is not easy to oak furniture production, easy to deformation in production.

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