The advantages and disadvantages of carpentry tell you different board

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-15

carpentry to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of different plate

the advantages and disadvantages of different plate

1, the real wood particle board ( Particle board) Process: the log is broken by the high temperature and high pressure and particle board layer for wood chips, on both sides of fine wood, the compressed into boards. For the surface layer of laminated powder, homogeneous particle board is best, particieboard molecular structure, high bending strength.

advantages: good nail holding power, and adhesive content lower than 5%, good environmental protection. High strength, strong stability, is also one of the mainstream of man-made board color on the European furniture market.

faults: solid wood particleboard flatness than in MDF, do radian modelling such as difficult.

2, the fiber board ( Density board) Process: plant fiber as raw material, through fiber separation, sizing, drying, molding shop, hot pressing, saw plate made of process, such as edge and inspection is one of man-made board leading products.

advantage: the material is fine, be helpful for sealing side, does not easy to glue. Door plank is easier to do modelling, usually do or back more. The price is in 250 yuan - mainstream 350 yuan/square metre.

weakness: the use of glue than particle board, environmental problems more easily. Moisture resistance is poorer, bubble water is easy to deformation.

3, splint ( Plywood) Process: inline commonly known as fine core board. Rotary cut by single board or wood square plane into two sub-companies named seaport, reoccupy adhesive agglutination of three layer or three layer above the thin plate. Usually with an odd number of veneer, and make the fiber direction of adjacent veneer vertically agglutination and into each other.

advantages: plywood of hardness is generally higher, due to the perpendicular agglutination process has the material, texture staggered, so strength, not changeful form.

faults: plywood are made with adhesive bonding between each layer, so the environmental protection is bad.

4, joinery board ( Big core board) Process: consists of two pieces of veneer splicing wood middle rubber pressure. Intermediate board is made up of high quality natural wood after heat treatment, processing into a certain specifications of the wood.

advantage: the joinery board and particieboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF), compared to its natural lumber features more conform to the requirements of human nature, have qualitative light, easy processing, good grip nail force, deformation, etc, is the ideal material for indoor decoration and high-grade furniture production.

faults: joinery board will exist in the production of formaldehyde release a quantity to exceed bid of bending strength, unqualified, unqualified product moisture content, low bond strength.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody for different board has had certain understanding and grasp some knowledge of the

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