The 20th century's greatest furniture designer

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-06

Hans Wegner, one of the giants of the big four in Denmark, as chair of the master & throughout; , the 20th century's greatest furniture designers and so on the title. His design full of the milk of human kindness, laid the foundation of the Nordic design created by the Scandinavian style. Hans Wegner are combines traditional carpentry skills in Denmark and design the perfect designer. In his works, can deeply feel the pure vitality of each chair, a warm wood qualities, contracted smooth line and unique shape, made his unshakeable foundations in the field of design. His works often dubbed immortality, eternal and reputation, not only is one of the necessary design museum collections around the world.

Hans Wegner's most prominent design chair, not below the bear is one of the classic of the modern design furniture. This chair is Wegner designed for miss his beloved wife, high soft comfortable backrest and armrest make people have the feeling of being surrounded from behind, named bear chair.

have skilled carpentry skills Hans Wegner, is very precious and rare in the designer, but also because of his for the deep understanding of the material, structure, process, shape, and to this day, he in furniture design still has a hard position, and his works, but also for the world to collect.

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