Teak furniture simple recognition techniques

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-25

teak wood is recognized as the world's famous expensive, origin of southeast Asia, especially in Thailand teak is famous throughout the world. Observe according to the characteristics of the Thai pomelo, real wood furniture made of teak wood clear, let you feel the natural features. Furniture surface is very smooth, feel is very exquisite, seem as if they are drenched in oil, and the black core manglietia appear relatively coarse. Thailand teak color, fibre density, stability, strength of teak is superior to other countries. Although black core manglietia with teak similar in appearance and density, but because the material is qualitative different, still have considerable differences between the two. With plain board ( Without paint plate) For example, can through the following five kinds of methods to identify: ( 1) Drop test to take a small amount of water on the surface of the furniture, if the water has not been absorbed and show the distribution of the bead is teak, suction is black core manglietia. ( 2) Smell teak itself emits a sour, similar to the meal after turn sour smell, and the black core manglietia had no smell. ( 3) Destructive test will furniture plate soak in water for 24 hours, observe its change if distorted, expansion deformation phenomenon such as manglietia for black core, without any change is teak. ( Office furniture engineering net finishing)

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