Teach you tea table to choose the point

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-22

on tea table everyone not unfamiliar, then to choose tea table? How many people know? Shenzhen emperor furniture, teaching you the point of choose and buy tea table.

1。 Security: tea table place where often ambulating, therefore, the processing of the tea table table angles of particular note, especially more attention should be paid to home with young children.

2, consider the color depth: metallic collocation glass tea table can give a person with bright feeling, enlarge the visual effect of space; And composed, deep dark wooden table, is suitable for larger classical space.

size: 3, reference space space size is consider to choose the basis of a tea table size and shape. If the space is not large, small tea table with elliptic circle to be beautiful, gentle modelling, let a space appear relaxed and not cramped feeling. If in a large space, can consider to besides collocation advocate the old tea table of sofa, single chair in the hall room, still have a few, choose the high side as both functional and decorative small tea table, add more fun for the space and change.

4, pay attention to functional: tea table not only have the functions of beautiful decoration, but also carrying tea sets, small food, etc. , so also should pay attention to its bearing function and receive a function. If the bedroom is small, can consider to buy have receive the tea table or function which has the function of collecting exhibition, to try to adjust according to the needs of the guests.

5。 Consider the stability and mobility: generally speaking, the tea table of sofa chair before moving, often so attention should be paid to the stability of tea table; And placed on a small table near the sofa armrest is used random more, can choose to take the design of the wheel.

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