Teach you how to identify the pros and cons of latex mattress quality

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-01
Teach you how to identify the merits of the latex mattress quality < P > good mattress decided to good sleep, it is very important to choose a high quality mattress. So, how to tell when shopping for a mattress mattress quality fit and unfit quality? Here to teach you some method of distinguish mattress! Process and formula < / P > < P > a good emulsion mattress ultimately depends on its manufacturing process and formula, rather than the raw material of rubber tree juice, 30 - In the '60 s, natural physical foaming method to today's modern high-tech vacuum molding technology, contrast and comparison, a good emulsion mattress foam by first to see the factory how many kinds of technology, when a manufacturer can produce a kind of production methods, and see what kind of method, usually steam molding vacuum forming, latex mattresses, pillows has the following characteristics: simple sense is smooth, the same feeling like a baby's skin; Permeability is strong, the mattress with the palm press, a sense of the wind, light can be pervious to light, no rubber smell. Section and technical < / P > < P > latex mattresses from initial elastic emulsion in the history of the latest MEMO latex, has great and fundamental difference. Elastic emulsion and single zone, three, five, seven, latex mattresses. Seven sections is one of the most popular at present, single area, three, five area for foam manufacturing process is simple, so the price is relatively cheap. Seven sections latex mattresses refers to according to the principle of human body engineering 2 meters long mattress can be divided into seven sections of different density, rather than general flower, seven segment type relief type frankincense latex mattresses are currently high-grade latex mattresses, when the body lay down and have a buffer after the sinking feeling, is the seven sections decompression. Pressure test with the hand, can obviously feel the seven segment density pressure, is the quality goods latex seven sections. MEMO technology application make the latex mattress up peak, the technology makes the emulsion have plasticity. When the body lay down after 30 seconds is surrounded by a mattress, memory every part of body, quickly achieve personal feeling, make sleep more comfortable. Identity < / P > < P > good brand latex manufacturers, will be stamped with the brand LOGO of their products The registered trademark) And proof of producer, with its excellent product factory barcode, not ordinary wrapping on the market can't see to identify the identity of the product. Taste < / P > < P > in addition to a good emulsion mattress can see, touch it, must also can smell its taste. General physical foaming products, rubber, Talalay is no taste, with rubber can't use, no taste is general elastic latex mattresses, its characteristic is sealed, with his coat can be normal use for a long time will radiate light rubber, has the natural incense smell ( Note: the pungent flavor type) 。 This is a very good quality latex mattresses, must open the packaging material, personally can verify its body. Fabrics because of the characteristics of the latex mattresses, its surface fabric should choose knitted cotton fabrics to give priority to, because of its good permeability, texture soft, do not choose both sponge composition woven cotton fabric or other hard material, which can hinder the mattress permeability and comfort. < / P >
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