Teach you how to choose and buy of cloth art sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-02

cloth art sofa, use a soft cloth and rich color sofa free expression, or natural warmth, restore ancient ways or elegance, or concise and easy, or noble gorgeous, unique personality, but also make the sofa more affinity. So when we enjoy the sofa provides comfort, ever thought there will be a defeat garrulous among them of the situation? Small make up today about the action to teach you from inside the choose and buy of cloth art sofa.

common cloth art sofa fabric

cloth art sofa is mainly refers to the main ingredient is the sofa cloth, through artistic processing, to achieve a certain artistic effect, to meet the demand of people's lives. Sofa, according to the materials mainly include: cotton wool, linen, blended sofa sofa, leather sofa cloth sofa.

cotton sofa

cotton fiber of cotton is mainly from cottonseed sofa, and after many woven cotton cloth into a process. Because of its cotton fiber itself is porous material, and contains a lot of moisture substructure, therefore has strong moisture absorption, soft and breathable, natural environmental characteristics of cloth art sofa market share at present the most popular material.

flannelette sofa

the flannelette sofa is the deepest impression is that it's super fine and soft tactility. Whether it's the most ancient of corduroy, or modern popular faux suede, which is the appearance of fashion, elegant is tonal and bright luster. Although the price high some, not enough is still difficult to resist the charm of it.

linen cloth sofa

if the tactility of sofa also can give a person warm in winter and cool in summer, it must be attractive enough? Linen is such sofa. Good thermal conductivity, let you even in sorching summer, also do not have to worry about sweating. Its unique properties, and also for sofa adds a simple natural temperament.

blended sofa

blended sofa is choose cotton and chemical fiber material mixture of fabrics, combined with perfect dyeing and finishing process, the surface can present a silk, linen material such as a variety of effects of sofa, sturdy and durable, soft as a whole. But in recent years, with the rise of blended approximate natural blended fabrics, almost convincing, when the choose and buy must seize cotton proportion, prevent cheated.

leather cloth combination sofa

comparison, cloth art sofa cleaning, operating problems are still with the consumer. Leather cloth sofa will be easy to dirty and not easy to unpick and wash back of a chair armrest place such as the skin, and other close contact with human body place is easy unpick and wash cloth, solve the trouble of cleaning, and improve the quality of the sofa.

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