Teach you how to choose a solid wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-05

we talked previously, oak, pine furniture furniture, wutong wood furniture, the advantages and disadvantages of cherry wood furniture, this paper introduces the features of these solid wood furniture and simple choice these solid wood furniture, jas emperor furniture today to talk about the choice of solid wood furniture.

1, the real wood furniture depends on the choice of the brand and factory, imitation solid wood furniture manufacturers, is a good and evil people mixed up, pick up is more difficult, so the company is to choose the selected the first step of completely real wood furniture. Generally less known and inferior brand companies or small companies with poor production technology, real wood in largely depends on the quality of the process, and no power company is difficult to ensure the quality.

2, solid wood furniture has a lot of kinds, different materials have different prices, so the choice of solid wood furniture to choose to combine different wood, like pine furniture and walnut furniture, of the price difference is very big between some merchants take pine as walnut furniture, this should be aware of.

3, when choosing real wood furniture must check whether there is good wood defect, check whether good solid wood in damp, the phenomenon such as cracks, bug eat by moth, this is a test to distinguish whether the manufacturer responsible standards.

4, a combination of solid wood furniture taste delicate and comfortable, won't appear too stimulating odour.

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