Teach you how to choose a leather sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-22
Leather furniture sends out a different flavor, such as bottles nobility and rare wines, after years of impressions, is with time, many people often ask when buying sofa, why the two kinds of the same sofa, why there are differences in their skin? Actually very simple, just like not the same person in the world, each head of cattle through the different life, its existence environment, the injury is different, it had left them to die the last skin to produce leather furniture also has a different, so no two is identical to leather in the world, this also is two pieces of the same type of sofa is not the same. Why to choose leather sofa? 1, choose sofa, the most important thing is to choose the manufacturers, consumer is when the choose and buy should choose as far as possible visibility and reputation, production capacity strong company in the production of sofa. Of course, also can buy in the stores, but sells price is manufacturer sales a times more expensive, so in order to cost-effective, mainly for the manufacturers. 2, a good set of sofa, stability is better, can choose the leather sofa repeatedly shake, shake, feel its strong degree. 3, if it is the key to dermal sofa is to select the leather. Popular sofa market now more divided into full green husk and half green husk sofa, sofa leather sofa of choose and buy, luster, smooth leather face to no scarring, skin texture grain is exquisite, hold a pulled up with the tips of your fingers and pull, should feel is flexible, powerful, sit after the wrinkles by dressing can disappear or not obvious, the leather is fine leather. 4, filler mainly refers to the sponge, sponge according to the elastic points play high, ultra soft shot 3 kinds. To choose according to oneself be fond of. 5, cloth art sofa and leather sofa, now most has the zipper, we can open the zipper to see the internal structure, see inside presence of damp, bug eat by moth, scar and other issues.
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