Teach you how to buy high quality wood furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-06-29

in the market for furniture, wooden furniture is not due to deep processing of natural material, do not use any man-made board, the price is relatively cheap and more environmental protection, and was deeply loved by consumers. Small make up remind, will get high quality wood furniture, there are five skills.

first of all, open cupboard door, drawer furniture, observe whether wood is dry, clean, quality of a material is close, exquisite, absolutely can't stimulating odour. If it is to buy real wood wardrobe, the difference between whether the wardrobe is pure solid wood blocks, be an effective way is to see cupboard door, look if cupboard door is a kind of decorative pattern, and also presents the corresponding pattern on the back of cupboard door, then can judge it is pure solid wood cabinet.

second, careful observation woodiness with and without defects. Furniture is the main mechanical parts such as columns, connection between columns bearing stripes, close to the ground should not be a big crack, crack.

4, select small wooden furniture, available to the naked eye view its straight degree and flatness, wood surface without bug, discoloration, etc.

third, special attention should be paid to understand the real wood furniture wood moisture content and origin. All affect the domestic regional climate for wood moisture content of lumber moisture content is not too high, otherwise easy to cock for expansion. The old saying goes real wood the Yangtze river, however, that is to say after the production of solid wood furniture in the south to the north, because climate influence moisture content, and thus prone to problem such as craze, deformation, so need to see the origin when the choose and buy.

in the end, choose real wood furniture, should looking is what made of tree species, which directly affects the cost and quality of furniture. Ordinary solid wood furniture used beech, white oak, manchurian ash, elm, Chinese catalpa wood, and expensive real wood furniture basically adopts the rosewood, rosewood, rosewood and rain trees, etc. At present, the real wood furniture market will appear shoddy, confused things of tree species, expert proposal, expensive real wood furniture of choose and buy, it is best to large scale, good word-of-mouth famous furniture store. In addition, in recent years the price of wood is higher and higher, too cheap wood furniture is difficult to ensure the quality.

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