Teach you a few healthy brand solid wood furniture of choose and buy

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-30
Decorate choose brand solid wood furniture, has become a indispensable work. Companies have launched promotions, price war posters everywhere, but how to circumvent the decoration rules, choose the cheap furniture, also become a required course. A brand solid wood furniture, the materials of nature, does not produce harmful material choice is the biggest factor in determining that person's furniture is healthy or not, healthy products are required to use green wood, products of formaldehyde content under strict control in the national standard testing, do not produce irritating smell. Paint should choose no stimulation of unleaded non-toxic paints, in line with international green standards. Second, the design of furniture design accord with human body engineering design a truly healthy furniture should be like a servant close and considerate, this requires not only the height of the tables and chairs and furniture used measure of the size of the sofa must accord with human body, and to highlight on detail functional careful consideration. As in the sofa, bedside table plan a place to store notes, pen, let the user to enter working state with a stretch of; And as the height of sofa seat surface design adult calf plus the height of the heel or slightly low altitude, etc. , which will maximize from all aspects of ensuring the health of consumers. Three, furniture should form the whole style, the use of colour vision does not hurt the style of household can united has a great influence on the mood of habitant, the unity of the whole living style can make the person feel like spring breeze, feel better, on the contrary, how messy household style whether using high-grade product can bring a person cheerful mood. At the same time, the health of household of color also have very high demand, because the color of the person's psychology, especially the psychological development of children has a certain guiding role. So you should carefully choose household decorates is tonal, as some have for visual stimulation of bright color can not appear as the mass-tone attune of the home. Four, furniture must have high security to protect family health of families with children are usually more importance to the safety of the furniture, if you don't let the furniture with sharp Angle, the socket device such as a power to conceal, etc. Actually furniture security should cause the attention of all the family, because it is not just about your family's health, but also related to the consumption disputes. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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