Talk about delicate brand solid wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-26
To be honest, the brand solid wood furniture is really a home for fine delicate objects, not only spent a large amount of money to buy, buy home also need to be careful to caress, but real wood furniture brings to the household environment beautiful enjoy, let a person can't don't like. As a result, small make up recommend a few to maintain the good method of solid wood furniture, so I would not be real wood furniture in the loss of life and love. Brand solid wood furniture, just as its name implies is that you have furniture equipment made of wood, wood because its material is for use in the more vulnerable to moisture, wood in the wet expansion mould easily. Therefore, the rainy season should be solid wood furniture part distance metope 1 centimeter or so put against the wall, so as to avoid the wet season absorb excess moisture. In addition in the use of solid wood furniture scratch damage is inevitable, and so on and so forth, therefore we should regularly for furniture wax, every 6 - time can be The furniture of 12 months, with a special paste wax to a layer of wax on the furniture. But before waxing, milder than alkaline soap water to erase the old wax. If in case of solid wood furniture mould can be first with a clean soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent or furniture special cleaner to remove, and then in the part of the mould and gently wipe on a layer of wax or furniture furniture special essential oil, put a piece of soap and where there is little musty or gauze bag filled with dried tea leaves, help to eliminate mildew flavour. On the wet spring and more summer thunderstorm, solid wood furniture for daily cleaning, usable and clean soft cloth dipped in furniture special cleaner gently wipe brush to remove dirt, this kind of cleaner can form a layer of protective film on the surface of solid wood furniture, to some extent, prevent moisture penetration into the internal of wood furniture. In autumn and winter, relatively dry season just down the wood texture with a slightly damp soft cloth to wipe gently, keeping moisture to prevent craze of real wood furniture. Be careful not to use dry cloth to wipe, lest wipe. In addition to the real wood furniture use need to pay attention to the problem there are many kinds of protection, this is also why say real wood furniture use too, so if you want to use in the market of high style, high quality solid wood furniture equipments, for such furniture must pay attention to link is the need to grasp the key points, so as to guarantee for the use of solid wood furniture to a good environment, for the markets in the use of equipment of furniture of other kinds of also is such, hope everybody can pay attention to in using these, better use furniture equipment! Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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