Take you know black walnut main features and USES

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-14

hotel furniture manufacturer with black walnut you know the main characteristics and USES

black walnut, the genera of juglandaceae. Timber specifications. Cutting face is smooth, glossy soft, light is dark brown with purple, cross section is large and beautiful parabola pattern. Black walnut sapwood is ivory, heartwood from light to dark chocolate, occasionally with purple and dark stripes. Sapwood variable depth after steam treatment, and gray is more noble. Distribution from eastern Asia to the Mediterranean. The rare wood is the United States, producing area for various areas in the eastern United States, but the main commercial forest region is located in the central states. Black walnut is very expensive, make sofa usually use wood veneer, rarely with solid wood. Main purpose

black walnut impact friction resistance, resistant to decay, easy to dry, less deformation; Easy construction, easy to glue. Shrinkage is rather small, make it can apply to changing climate environment, will not produce the problem such as craze. Other are not as good as black walnut timber can absorb oil painting. These unique feature to make the black walnut value is high, it is understood that black walnut market price is about 20000 yuan/cubic meter, so the use of black walnut do pure solid wood furniture is more expensive than other general furniture.

used to black walnut veneer, rotary veneer, furniture, panels, cabinets, Musical Instruments and gunstocks. Black walnut has good dimensional stability, crowned as the heartwood corrosion resistance strong wood, even in corrosive environment, also is one of the most durable wood. With very good paint and dye performance, after polishing can obtain very high surface. The slow drying, need careful care, to avoid dry aging.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody to black walnut furniture already have a certain understanding and mastery of the relevant knowledge of the

small make up recommend here at the time of choosing black walnut furniture, choose a few big brands of nanmu furniture, because of the big brands of black walnut furniture quality is reliable. Hope that through small make up the above introduction, will help you understand that the advantages of black walnut furniture, what are the classification.

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