Sweet fan sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-25

we often see under a tree in the park, surrounded by a circle round chair in the middle left a channel for people to access. When the family sat in a chair and a circle to chat, that picture is so sweet. Then someone wants to bring this warm effect into the shop, coffee shop, so the Fan sofa: Fan - Shaped sofa was born.

the fan sofa ( 风扇, 的沙发) Also called Eetbanken Koinor D1 D1 Bellagio is Koinor company that designs, fan-shaped sofa ( 风扇, 的沙发) Is a very unique and fashionable design, its fabric can use cortex can also use cloth art, color variety, a quarter of its shape is round, namely fan, four quadrant (sofa 风扇, 的沙发) Can round into round, but in fact the real pendulum method is two pieces of round into a semicircle left into the channel between the two semicircle, center with a large circular table or several.

the fan (sofa 风扇, 的沙发) In the mall, leisure zone, people stroll tired sitting on the rest, the warm atmosphere of people body relax, if is lovers can also create a family feeling, make the person fall in love with this place.

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