Summer maintenance and care of metal furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-14

summer maintenance and nursing, and other metal furniture season biggest different is moistureproof, because summer will often appear day the south wind, solid wood furniture, panel furniture, soft furniture and metal furniture moistureproof are important, like metal furniture moistureproof method in the last section: moistureproof tips mentioned different furniture, had better use dry cloth in wet day frequently wipe, if there is corrosion, can dish cloth or brush touch rust inhibitor to brush, then use dry cloth to polish. If it is found that the surface has damage to repair professional repair paint, or make a phone call to ask the factory should be how to care. ” Continue to add here, metal furniture surface in water mist when should immediately wipe, prevent be affected with damp be affected with damp, if the furniture surface water mist, can use soft dry cloth to wipe the condensation in the above water mist, at the same time keep the room ventilation. If the moisture in the room is too heavy, can use a charcoal or desiccant to absorb the moisture of the room.

metal furniture is in the summer should try to avoid the sunshine outdoor exposure for a long time, the location of the best to place a plaice is a place where no direct sunlight. All the furniture should be far away from sources of heat or air conditioning tuyere, metal furniture is not exceptional also, in order to avoid huge temperature difference make furniture damaged or premature aging. Keep metal furniture parts against the wall with wall 0. 5 - 1 cm distance gap.

tip: no matter what kind of coating of metal furniture, the move should take put down light, avoid knock against. To avoid hitting hard metal parts, such as fruit knife, such as keys, lest cause scratch. Don't too hard when folding, guarantee the folding part is not damaged.

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