Summer is coming you know how much real wood furniture maintenance method

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-05
The upcoming summer maintenance method of solid wood furniture you know how much the summer is coming, many furniture more attention to the maintenance of the, furniture cleaning good time in summer, a lot of friends are like packed clean house in summer, now let me ask you share the maintenance method of several kinds of solid wood furniture, hope these methods can correct clean the furniture. If real wood furniture stick on oil, tea is an excellent cleaner, wipe, spray a small amount of flour to wipe again, finally will corn flour to wipe clean. Corn flour can absorb all the adsorption on the surface of the furniture, dirt, make the surface smooth and bright. If the surface of the solid wood furniture for white wood coatings, time is very easy to become yellow, can dip in with dishcloth wiped toothpaste, be careful not to overexert. Also can put the two egg yolk beaten, with a soft brush to yellow places, dry with a clean cloth ( Cloth) It is ok to carefully wipe clean. Also, pay attention to in use to avoid direct sunshine for a long time furniture. Solid wood furniture at least 1 year in a wax, regularly for wooden furniture, wooden floor wax, every 6 - The furniture of 12 months, with a special paste wax to a layer of wax on the furniture. But before waxing, milder than alkaline soap water to erase the old wax. If there are any real wood furniture mould, can dip in with a clean soft cloth first point special cleaner to remove neutral cleaner or furniture. Then in part of the mould and gently wipe on a layer of wax or furniture furniture special essential oil, put a piece of soap and where there is little musty or gauze bag filled with dried tea leaves, help to eliminate mildew flavour. Wooden furniture should stay away from the humidifier, woodiness furniture insulation to prevent cracking, but must be careful not to let humidifier directly on wooden furniture, or near the heater is too long time, this will make wooden furniture local be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, inflation and other issues. But also not to put wooden furniture in direct sunlight place, this will cause local film fade or wood premature aging deformation, etc, so for wooden furniture, relatively cool, ventilated place is the best choice. Keep good humidity, ideal humidity is around 40%, if the long-term use of air conditioning, can put a basin of water beside her. Temperature difference shoulds not be too big, avoid air conditioning often opened and closed, due to temperature change dramatically. Solid wood furniture manufacturers, furniture group, brand solid wood furniture: WWW. dl - hf. Com related tags: bedroom furniture
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