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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-05

usually put in the sitting room, sofa used to daily life, receive a visitor or chat to rest. Therefore, the furniture of sofa has become a household life should not be neglected. Sofa has different household effect, cloth art sofa gives a person the feeling of warmth, solid wood sofa lets a person close to the breath of nature, in the metropolis dermal sofa gives a person the feeling of noble atmosphere.

cloth art sofa

cloth art sofa is mainly refers to the main ingredient is the sofa cloth, through artistic processing, to achieve a certain artistic effect, to meet the demand of people's lives. Cloth art sofa with contracted style in modern society, economical and practical characteristics can be said to be unique in the furniture industry, especially the young people is now green at Manila.

cloth art sofa feel is soft, sweet, and different fabric have different feel. Now more than outer garment of cloth art sofa can unpick and wash clean also relatively easy. Can do a few more at ordinary times the tubes, so that you can make your home every day a new sofa.

cover easy to keep clean; Sofa sets of removable, machine wash. Made of cotton and polyester blended fabric pad set of durable, dyed yarn to create attractive double color effect.

In the past few decades, luxury classic sofa production has increased because of the use of OEM/ODM SERVICE.
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