Steps to customize the furniture paint, rounding

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-26
Board type furniture in our life is of more common furniture, furniture is also used more. And in the process of using, we should pay attention to is the furniture paint technology, for the custom furniture is how to choice is an important problem. So how much do you know furniture paint process? The next furniture co. , LTD. , as we explain in detail: 1, sanding when putty scraping by ash completely dry ( 12 - 24 hours) , it can proceed to the sanding. General use 180 # 240 # sandpaper. Can use sanding machine, also can use sand machine, all plane workpiece must be through the sand machine ( 240 #, 320 #) To ensure that the workpiece roughness. Workpiece must be sand to level off, smooth, no grey marks and grey, without big sand marks and wool fiber. 2, fine grinding, fine grinder artifacts of primer to check whether to wait for all sorts of problems completely dry. Confirm no quality problems before operation, the operating procedure is as follows: 400 # sandpaper sand 800 # 600 # sandpaper sandpaper comprehensive deoxidization to level off, smooth, no sand marks, no flow of oil, oil drip marks, no sand wear and other quality problems. All flat and the modelling of large workpiece must be through the sand machine ( 400 # 600 # abrasive belt) , ensure the workpiece roughness. Transparent the painters should follow the pattern of sand, in order to reduce the obvious degree of sand marks. All artifacts to sand to no window ( To meet the light) , will be eligible workpiece away all dust, coupled with a certain protective cotton, so as not to scratch and scratch. 3, white embryo processing when the ash received by the process of white embryo, first check whether gray level off is smooth, with or without obvious uneven and severe wool fiber. If any, must be on the back to process and demand of sand and no serious fiber hair, use sand paper in ( 240 #, 320 #) 。 4, good closed when received on starting process processing semi-finished products, started with closed primer closed fiber, with sealer, adjust after the brush (in the correct proportion Wool brush) 。 In fiber board is a basic saturated, ( Special attention to the saw cut) Allow it to dry naturally - 8 10 hours ( 15 - 30℃) 5, patch holes, blowing ash in closed primer is dry completely with the old 180 # sandpaper polished slightly to basic smooth, again by atomic ash sew all the nail holes and sticky and the obvious gap fill (such as uneven At least two to three times) 。 As atomic ash dry quickly, then according to the installation location of plate and workpiece blow be bored with child, put it in the correct ratio of transferred to the appropriate viscosity for the operation, can coating, coating. Due to considering the cost, commonly used coating. Plane generally a thin grey, grey uniform surface, flat, so that the sanding. Saw plane quadratic thin ash, effect is better. If can be in when allocating in 0. HG - 2 Late 3002 closed curing agent, its effect. 6, paint on the surface of the painters received process artifacts, should be dust free, first check whether qualified according to process needs after spray paint. As BM - 9001 - Matte black paint, UHM - 5 8036 - 4. 5 A paint or UHM - clearly Before 6010 white paint, 6030 of white paint, spraying paint matching must be in strict accordance with the proportion of my company, in case of unexpected problems and cannot achieve effect. In order to ensure the quality of the products, paint must filter ( 400 mesh sieve) , the surface coating is commonly +, + +, +, or spraying wants even, without spray, oil flow, dust and spray does not reach the designated position. Will spray good artifacts into dry room to dry naturally - 24 More than 30 hours to install into the Treasury, to be careful not to cut so as not to cause in the rework. 8, spray primer paint workers received on the working procedure of semi-finished products, after carefully check on the process and process all kinds of quality problems, before start operation after confirm qualified. Above is about furniture paint technology, hope these can help you. Keywords: 443 custom furniture paint, custom furniture company, qianjiang custom furniture
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