Some shortcomings of furniture to buy common sense: solid wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

when consumer is buying furniture, shoppers are always to sell the products to the only pick the advantage of solid wood furniture, such as environmental protection, the protection function, long service life, and many other advantages. So, real wood furniture is there? Of course, the following emperor, furniture for you briefly.

1。 Due to the various makeup strip texture is different, hardness is different, even through the constant thick sanding machine is impossible for us to make the strip thickness, the plate surface each slat rugged. Paint, after each slat rugged phenomenon more obvious.

2。 If the poor quality of horizontal consolidation, but also to spell out the obvious lateral brain glue line. If the horizontal consolidation strength is not enough, also easy to fracture in rubber joints. So, real wood furniture of the plank production wide, commonly in backlighting oblique direction furniture paint surface, can see the glue line between phenomenon and lath lath discretion. Makings fastidious, craft of science, this kind of phenomenon will be smaller, but not fundamentally avoided.

aiming at the shortcoming of solid wood furniture, emperor warns customer, when buying furniture to consider their own psychological scope, and the actual use of furniture, so as to make the right purchase choice.

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