Some of the common furniture cleaning and maintenance

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-06

home made of different materials with different properties, small make up to sort out some of the common furniture cleaning and maintenance, including leather furniture, wooden furniture, metal furniture, such as the furniture of different material, for your reference.

1, the key points of maintenance of leather furniture is what? Clean with a soft wet cloth to wipe the dust and dirt, such as the water dries quickly, decontamination leather polish evenly, can make the leather moist bright, also can avoid leather dry hard and brittle cracking. To keep a pet away from leather, at ordinary times family home after habit to take off some sharp ornaments, so as to avoid scratching the leather face.

2, marble mesa bearing capacity is very good? Marble is not how to use a hard, as a desktop or mesa after cutting, especially is long and narrow shape, and the lower part is not long, the support of a bearing overload may occur split. So in use, the furniture of the marble mesa, don't put heavy stuff on prevent the heavy impact, choose the longest single block mesa don't more than 2. 4 meters.

3, bamboo rattan material how to clean? Bamboo rattan furniture can have a lot of twists and turns and aperture, shelter evil people and practices easily, clean, brush with wool first net crevice of gray scale, heavy stain to use cleaner or baking soda to clean, white rattan wood wipe on a bit vinegar after rub-up, neutralize alkaline, become angry in case. Chen scale available brine is wiped, decontamination and maintenance.

4, how to clean wooden furniture? Rub the surface of the wood dust, often with a clean soft cloth dust removal, get wet the cloth with water, reduce friction, avoid scratch and easy to absorb dust, don't let the residual moisture on the surface of the table. You can use 1 - in a year Two special cleaner decontamination, polishing and don't more than the number of times. All these movements are gentle and wipe down wood grain direction.

5, metal furniture is just casually wipe? Stainless steel or iron, also need to treat gently, often with a soft wet cloth to wipe the dust first, reoccupy dry cotton cloth to wipe the residual moisture, put away from damp, soot, acid and alkaline liquid. From time to time can dip in with cotton gauze on a few rust-proof oil or sewing machine oil for maintenance.

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